Mastering the Art of Comic Book Storytelling

Storytelling is at the heart of every good comic book. Comics combine words and pictures to create exciting stories that capture our imagination. Unlike movies or novels, comic books use a mix of a...Read Full Article

How to Promote Your Self-Published Comic

Self-publishing a comic book is an exciting journey. You have full control over your work and can bring your unique vision to life. However, getting your comic book into the hands of readers can be...Read Full Article

Unlock Storytelling Magic: Wally Wood’s 22 Panels That Guarantee Comic Success

The Master’s Toolbox Wally Wood wasn’t just another comic book artist. He was a legend. From his iconic work on EC Comics to his humor illustrations for MAD Magazine, Wood left an unden...Read Full Article

5 Comic Book Holy Grails of the 1970s

The 1970s was an exciting time for comic books. This decade saw the birth of many famous characters and stories that still thrill fans today. Collectors look for comic books from this era because o...Read Full Article

The Colorful Evolution: How Tech Transformed Comic Book Art

A World of Color Imagine your favorite superhero comic without any color. Sure, the bold lines and dynamic action might still be there, but something would be missing. Color isn’t just a pret...Read Full Article

Is Political Correctness Killing Entertainment? Here’s the Truth

Political Correctness on Screen – Fun or Frustrating? Imagine your favorite movie suddenly changes the main character from a goofy goofball to a super serious straight-A student. Weird, right...Read Full Article

Self-Publish Comics: Print Here or There?

Self-Publishing Your Comic Book: Printing in the USA vs. China Calling all comic book creators! Have you poured your heart and soul into an amazing story and dazzling artwork? Now you’re read...Read Full Article

Collecting and Valuing Indie Comics

Introduction: Dive into Indie Comics! Have you ever flipped through a superhero comic and thought, “This is cool, but there must be more out there?" Well, you’re right! Indie comi...Read Full Article

Top-Selling Indie Comics of All Time

Independent Comics: Breaking the Mold Comic books have been around for ages, entertaining readers with adventures of superheroes, detectives, and fantastical creatures. But did you know there’...Read Full Article

Crowdfund Your Dream: The Comic Creator’s Guide

Introduction: Blast Off with Comic Crowdfunding! Ever dreamed of creating your own comic book? Maybe you’ve got a super cool story itching to be drawn and published. But printing and selling ...Read Full Article

Beyond the Big Two: Crowdfunding Comics Rise

Comics Kickstarted: Crowdfunding Success Ever dreamed of creating your own comic book? It might seem like a big leap, but thanks to crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter, bringing your comic to li...Read Full Article

How to Make a Splash in the Market with Your Indie Comic

Have you ever dreamed of creating your own comic book and sharing it with the world? A creator-owned comic book is where you, the creator, keep full control over your story and characters. This mea...Read Full Article

Unleash Your Comic: Print & Publish at Home

Be Your Own Comic Book Creator! Ever wished you could see your own comic book characters come to life in print? With the rise of self-publishing, creating and printing your own comic has become eas...Read Full Article

Indie Comics Breakthrough: A New Era of Storytelling

Superheroes Get a Shakeup! For ages, comic book fans everywhere knew the drill. Every month, they’d rush to the store to grab the latest adventures of the same old superheroes from the big co...Read Full Article

Marvel’s Mighty Bullpen: A History

Imagine a room buzzing with creative energy! Artists sketch amazing heroes, writers craft thrilling adventures, and editors bring it all together. This wasn’t your average office; this was th...Read Full Article

The Birth of the Anti-Hero in the 1980s

What exactly is an anti-hero? Unlike typical heroes who are often the embodiment of good, an anti-hero has traits that are more complex and sometimes not so heroic. During the 1980s, comics began t...Read Full Article

From Superheroes to Survival: How Graphic Novels Became Literature in the 1980s

From Bam! Pow! to Book Reviews? Remember those Saturday mornings spent glued to the TV, watching heroes in capes fight crime? Well, comic books, the inspiration for those shows, were once seen as j...Read Full Article

Shadows of Heroes: The Rise of Dark Comics

In the early 1980s, superhero comics were mostly bright and straightforward tales of good versus evil. Heroes like Superman and Batman always saved the day, and their stories were clear-cut and eas...Read Full Article

East Meets West: Manga’s Impact in the ’80s

In the 1980s, a new type of comic book started arriving in the United States from Japan. These comics, known as manga, brought fresh excitement and creativity to the American comic scene. Manga, al...Read Full Article

The Secrets of Storytelling

Have you ever wanted to create your own world? A world filled with amazing characters and epic stories? Well, guess what? You can! That’s the magic of comic books! Comics combine artwork with...Read Full Article

The Rise of Antiheroes in the 1970s

Introduction: Superheroes with a Shadowy Side Imagine a hero who breaks the rules. They’re tough, maybe even a little scary. They don’t care about playing nice with bad guys – they dish...Read Full Article

The Rise and Fall of Wizard Magazine

Welcome to the fascinating world of Wizard Magazine, a key player in the comic book industry for over two decades. Launched in the early 90s, Wizard quickly became more than just a magazine; it was...Read Full Article

Epic Illustrated: A Comics Revolution

Introduction: Comics Grow Up Comic books aren’t just for youngsters anymore! Back in the late 1900s, a whole new kind of comic book emerged. These were graphic novels – longer, more in-depth ...Read Full Article

Beyond Riffs: Heavy Metal Magazine

Introduction: A Magazine Forged in Steel In 1977, a new breed of comic book roared onto the scene. Heavy Metal Magazine wasn’t bound by the limitations of mainstream comics. It embraced a fus...Read Full Article

Beyond Straight Lines: 5-Point Perspective

Introduction: Unveiling Curved Worlds Have you ever wanted to draw a scene that bends and curves, like a swirling staircase or a sprawling cityscape? Regular perspective is fantastic for straight l...Read Full Article
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