Exploring the Epoch of Eternity Comics

Eternity Comics was a comic book publisher that started in the late 1980s. It was known for a wide range of comics, from adaptations of classic literature to original superhero stories. The company focused on diverse genres, appealing to various readers. Eternity Comics played a role in the growth of the comic book industry during its time, leaving a lasting impact with its unique storytelling and artistic styles.

The Genesis of Eternity Comics

Eternity Comics began in 1986. Scott Mitchell Rosenberg started it. He also owned Malibu Graphics, a comic book shop and later a publishing company. Eternity Comics was part of Malibu Graphics. It was made to publish different kinds of stories, not just superhero ones.

The goal of Eternity Comics was to bring new and different stories to readers. They wanted to make comics that were not just about superheroes. They made comics from classic books, like “War of the Worlds” and “The Phantom of the Opera.” This way, more people, including those who like literature and arts, could enjoy their comics.

Eternity Comics became popular quickly. They made many kinds of comics, including original stories, science fiction, fantasy, and horror. They were different from other publishers because they tried new things. Eternity Comics’ early success helped it grow and make a mark in the comic book world.

Evolving Artistry and Storytelling

Eternity Comics published many interesting series and characters. Some of their notable series include:

  1. Robotech: This series was based on a popular animated TV show. It had exciting stories about robots and space battles.
  2. The Phantom of the Opera: This was a comic version of the classic story. It was about a mysterious figure in an opera house.
  3. War of the Worlds: This series was based on the famous book by H.G. Wells. It was about an alien invasion on Earth.
  4. Elric of Melniboné: This was a fantasy series about a powerful sorcerer and his adventures.

These series were loved by many readers. They had exciting stories and cool characters. Eternity Comics was known for bringing different kinds of stories to comic book fans.

Collaborations and Crossovers

Eternity Comics teamed up with other publishers for special stories. These team-ups led to crossover events. In these events, characters from different series met and had adventures together. One famous crossover was with Malibu Graphics, their parent company. They brought characters from both publishers together in fun stories. These crossovers were exciting for readers. They got to see their favorite characters in new ways. They also helped Eternity Comics get more fans and become more popular.

Challenges and Controversies

Eternity Comics faced some financial struggles and market challenges during its time. Like many comic book publishers, they had to deal with changes in the market. Sometimes, it was hard to sell enough comics to make a good profit. This made it tough for Eternity Comics to keep going strong.

The company also had some legal troubles. There were times when they had disagreements with other publishers or creators. These legal issues could be about who owned the rights to certain characters or stories. These problems took time and money to sort out. They added to the financial pressures on Eternity Comics.

Despite these challenges, Eternity Comics worked hard to keep making comics. They tried to find new ways to attract readers and keep their business going. Even though they faced tough times, they are remembered for their creative stories and contributions to the comic book world.

A Great Place to Start

Several talented creators got their start or contributed significantly to Eternity Comics during its run. Some of these creators include:

  1. Ben Dunn: Founder of Antarctic Press, Dunn worked on various titles at Eternity, including the Ninja High School series.
  2. Tim Vigil: Known for his work on Faust, Vigil contributed to Eternity’s horror and adult-themed comics.
  3. Dan Danko: Worked on various titles at Eternity, contributing to the diversity of its catalog.
  4. Evan Dorkin: Creator of Milk & Cheese, Dorkin worked on some projects for Eternity Comics.
  5. Barry Blair: A prolific creator who contributed to several Eternity titles, Blair was known for his work on Elflord and Samurai.

These creators, among others, helped shape the unique offerings of Eternity Comics and went on to make further contributions to the comic book industry.

The Denouement of Eternity Comics

Eternity Comics’ active years came to an end in the early 1990s. The comic book market was changing a lot during that time. Many publishers were struggling, and Eternity Comics was one of them. They found it hard to keep up with the big companies and the new trends.

The end of Eternity Comics was a sad time for its fans. They had enjoyed the unique stories and characters the publisher had brought to life. But, even though the company stopped making new comics, its impact didn’t fade away.

The stories and characters of Eternity Comics are still remembered today. They left a mark on the comic book world. The end of the publisher’s active years was not the end of its influence. Eternity Comics is still a part of comic book history.


Eternity Comics left a lasting impact on the comic book world. Even though it’s no longer around, fans still remember it fondly. The publisher was known for its unique stories and diverse range of comics. This made it special to many readers.

The work of Eternity Comics lives on in the hearts of its fans. People still talk about its classic series and characters. The company showed that there’s a place for different kinds of stories in comics. This idea has influenced other publishers and creators.

In the end, Eternity Comics is remembered as a publisher that dared to be different. Its legacy continues to inspire both fans and creators in the comic book industry.

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