The Sensual World of Milo Manara’s “Click”

Milo Manara is a famous Italian comic book artist. He is known for his erotic drawings and stories. Manara has created many comic books, but one of his most well-known works is “Click.”

“Click” is a graphic novel that tells the story of a woman named Claudia. She changes a lot after a device is put in her brain. This device makes her explore her desires and freedoms. The story is exciting and makes people think about important topics like identity and choice.

In summary, Milo Manara is a talented artist who has made a big impact with his work, especially with “Click.” This graphic novel is a must-read for those interested in exploring the deeper sides of desire and freedom.

The Storyline of “Click”

“Click” is a story about a woman named Claudia. She starts as a very conservative person, but her life changes because of a special device. This device can control her feelings and desires with just a click. As the story goes on, Claudia becomes more free and open. She explores new things and learns more about herself. The device shows her a different side of life that she never knew before. In the end, Claudia’s journey is about finding her true self and being free to be who she wants to be.

Artistic Style and Influence

Milo Manara’s art style in “Click” is very special. He uses lines in a smooth and flowing way. This makes his drawings look very real and full of life. Manara is great at showing emotions and feelings through his characters’ faces and body movements.

In “Click,” Manara uses color in a smart way. He picks colors that match the mood of the story. For example, he might use warm colors like red and orange for exciting scenes. This helps readers feel the emotions of the story.

Manara is also good at putting his drawings together in the book. He knows how to make each page interesting and easy to follow. He uses different sizes of pictures to keep the reader’s attention. This makes “Click” not just a story, but a beautiful piece of art to look at.

In short, Manara’s art in “Click” is a big part of what makes the book so good. His use of line, color, and composition all work together to tell a powerful story.

Controversy and Criticism

“Click” by Milo Manara has caused some debates. Some people say the book treats women as objects. They think it shows women in a way that is not respectful. Others say the book encourages voyeurism. This means it might make readers feel like they are spying on private moments.

These issues are important to talk about. It’s key to think about how women are shown in books and art. “Click” makes us ask questions about what is okay to show and what is not.

Even with these debates, “Click” is still a popular book. It has made people think and talk about important topics. It’s a book that has had a big impact, both in good and challenging ways.


Milo Manara’s work, like “Click,” is a mix of art and debate. His drawings are beautiful and full of feeling. But, they also bring up big questions about how we see sexuality and women.

In today’s world, these discussions are very important. We are thinking more about how art shows different topics, including sexuality. Manara’s work makes us look at these issues closely.

In the end, Manara’s art is both lovely and thought-provoking. It reminds us that art can be both beautiful and challenging. It can make us think and feel in new ways. This is what makes Manara’s work still relevant and interesting today.

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